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Kate is an experienced and versatile artist who works in a variety of media. After focusing on wildlife and animal art for a long time, Kate now includes a range of other subjects in her portfolio, with seascapes being a subject close to her heart and reflecting her Cornish roots.

Kate also accepts commissions, so if you want an artwork that evokes a special memory, such as a beloved pet or a favourite holiday destination, why not consider a bespoke commission?

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Don't have the budget for an original artwork? You can buy prints of Kate's art a fraction of the price of the original. A great introduction to collecting Kate's work.

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original art isn't just for the wealthy

Kate is a versatile artist who has sold her work to collectors in the UK and overseas. Why pay gallery prices when you can buy direct from the artist? If you see something you like in Kate's portfolio, all you need to do is contact her for more information and price.

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Pet portraits to your taste

Kate tailors her service to her clients, providing as much help and guidance as you need. Her aim is to ensure that every commission she undertakes results in a happy customer. 

Pet portrait

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Just a thank you for the fabulous portrait of Shadow, now sitting proudly on my lounge wall. Having only recently lost him it really is as if you have given him back to us. The likeness is extraordinary - you have captured him completely, floppy paws and all. Thank you so so much. - Karen