Gift vouchers

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Vouchers are a great option if you are in a rush to buy a gift or if you simply can't decide what to buy.  I offer gift vouchers for art commissions in four different price options: £70, £95, £120 and £150., which cater for my most popular size options.  Vouchers may be redeemed for an artwork of any subject, not just pet portraits. 

A gift voucher really is a flexible way of gifting art, as it allows the recipient to choose exactly what they want, to suit their personal taste.  And if the voucher doesn't quite cover the cost of their ideal artwork, they can simply pay the difference.



A gift voucher may be used as payment in full or part payment towards a commissioned artwork (pet portrait or otherwise). It may be topped up by a further payment if the commission of choice costs more than the voucher's face value.


You can choose to have a gift voucher sent by post or email (to the purchaser). UK postage is free.
You will receive:
The gift Voucher; an information pack including instructions  for registering and using the voucher;  optional presentation box.


Vouchers should be registered by the recipient asap. Instructions for this are included in the voucher information pack.
There is no specific expiry date, although it is recommended that vouchers are used within 18 months of purchase.


Once the voucher is registered, the recipient simply needs to contact me when they are ready to use it. If a registered voucher has not been redeemed within 12 months, a reminder will be sent by email.

Purchase a gift voucher online today (free 1st class postage to mainland UK)

Important Information:
Gift Vouchers are not transferable and have no cash value.
Vouchers may only be redeemed in exchange for or in part payment towards a commissioned artwork by Kate Ferguson, trading as 'Kate Ferguson Art'.
Only vouchers with a valid voucher number are redeemable. Proof of purchase should therefore be retained.