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A pet portrait is the perfect gift for anyone who adores their dog or cat or, indeed, any other type of pet. I don't discriminate - I'll paint pets of any variety.

One difficulty with gifting a pet portrait is accessing good photos of the pet. Plus, you need to know whether the recipient would prefer pastels, watercolours or acrylics. And what size would they want and can you afford the biggest and best?

That's why a gift voucher is such a brilliant idea! You simply buy a voucher (from £80) and the person receiving the gift makes all the decisions about what they'd like and, if perhaps they'd like something a bit bigger, they can simply make an additional payment. Easy peasy! 

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Gift vouchers purchased from or are not transferable and have no cash value.

Vouchers can only be redeemed in exchange for or in part payment towards a commissioned artwork by Kate Ferguson, trading as 'Kate's Art Studio' and 'Kate Ferguson Art'.

Only vouchers with a valid voucher number are redeemable. Proof of purchase should therefore be retained.