I offer a framing service (commissions only) for anyone wanting to avoid the inconvenience of finding a framer or framing the artwork themselves. Frames will be sourced from a tried and tested supplier and your commissioned artwork will be framed at my studio prior to shipping. This includes taping all gaps to protect from ingress of dust, dirt and insects. D-rings and hanging cord will be fitted for you.

Typical prices: Prices vary depending on material, depth and shape of moulding, artwork dimensions etc. You can expect to pay from £25 upwards for a small commission and from £30 upwards for a medium commission. When you book your commission, just let me know you are interested in having it framed and I'll provide some options and prices.

Glazing: Frames are glazed with 2mm clear acrylic as standard.  You can also upgrade to 3mm UV100 clear acrylic glazing for extra strength and UV protection.  Glazing upgrades cost an additional £5 for XS and S portraits, £8 for M portraits and £12 for L portraits.

Delivery costs: Please be aware that a frame will increase the weight of your artwork and therefore delivery will cost more. You will not be charged more than the actual cost of delivery.